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Saturday, January 11

Stargazing LIVE in Cockermouth - Day Two : Solar observing

Today's stargazing live activities started at lunchtime with a solar observing session in Cockermouth town centre. Our initial plan to set up on Main Street was foiled by the fact that the Sun wasn't high enough to get over the buildings . .

Undeterred we moved up Lowther Went and found an ideal spot outside Wilkinson's. After a quick word with the manager, who kindly gave us permission, we set up two telescopes.

We got plenty of interested looks, and a few people started to ask what we were up to. Soon we were showing plenty of people the Sun through a special Coronado H-alpha filtered telescope, and a normal telescope with a special filter on it.

We even managed to get a couple of cameras attached to the scopes and captured some reasonable images. There was a particularly impressive solar prominence visible through the H-alpha filter.

After a couple of hours of observing through gaps in the cloud it was back home to prepare for tonight's event. 6pm in Memorial Gardens.

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