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Saturday, January 11

Stargazing LIVE in Cockermouth - Day One

Last night's Stargazing event has to go down as a success. Although there was lots of cloud around, and it was raining when CAS members assembled in the Wakefield Road car park just before 7pm, gaps did appear in the cloud later.

Believe it or not, in our fourth year of holding events in conjunction with BBC Stargazing LIVE, that's the first time we've been able to see anything! and prospects are better for tonight.

Eight CAS members arrived with an array of telescopes and other equipment ready for observing. The forecast was for patchy cloud although there were no signs of the cloud breaking at 7pm.

Waiting for the clouds to clear
After and hour or so of standing around chatting about astronomy, we started to see the faint glow of the moon through the cloud. Still total cover, but the cloud was getting thinner, and the rain had gone. . .

A first glimpse of the moon through cloud
Shortly after that we spotted Jupiter and the clouds around the Moon got thinner still. It was time to set up the telescopes.

Telescopes set up and ready for action
Eventually we had three telescopes set up and although it was obvious the weather had put others off from coming, we showed one person the moon and Jupiter. It was a good opportunity for members to try each other's telescopes and try their hand at imaging.

The moon through one of the telescopes
Perseverance paid of in this case, and we are hoping for better on Saturday night.

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