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Friday, January 3

Our Stargazing event next week

Don't forget that the BBC Stargazing LIVE series is showing next week, each night from Tuesday to Thursday.

Our own events will follow on from that next Friday and Saturday evenings. We will kick off on Friday 10th at 7pm in Memorial Gardens, Cockermouth. We need as many telescopes as possible along with society members to assist showing members of the public the night sky. If you can come along and help, great. Even better if you can let me know beforehand, so I can plan best use of our resources. Email me at chris@cockermouthastronomy.co.uk

We will run a repeat event on the Saturday night, that's 11th January. We will start at the earlier time of 6pm. Again the more telescopes the better.

Weather permitting we are also hoping to do a bit of solar observing in the afternoon. Check back for more details on our plans and what were are hoping to show people.

In the mean time enjoy the TV shows.

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