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Wednesday, January 8

Beat the clouds, see the Northern Lights

If you've been enjoying the spectacular views of the aurora on the BBC Stargazing LIVE from Tromso in Norway you can catch the live view from Norway at any time.

The Tromso all-sky camera  provides a new image every few seconds, just click on the 'latest image' link on the main page of their website. Or you can explore the archive of images.

The image below is from last night just after the start of the BBC Stargazing LIVE show and shows the extensive green aurora we saw behind Liz Bonnin on the programme.

Tonight there is cloud cover and snow in Tromso, so not much to see on the camera. Just as well the BBC crew were able to bring us live pictures from 30,000ft, well above the clouds.

You can also view some fantastic aurora images on the Spaceweather.com Realtime Aurora Gallery.

As mentioned on tonight's show, a large Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) erupted from the sun today and is heading for the Earth. I we get any clear skies over the next couple of days look out for aurora. Failing that check the camera in Tromso.

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