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Saturday, November 30

Comet ISON latest

Comet ISON has really given us lots of drama over the last few days. On Thursday as it reached its closest approach to the Sun it seemed to disintegrate and fade. Something appeared around the other side of the Sun although much fainter. Many experts wrote ISON of at this point, declaring what remained as something less than a 'proper comet'.

Then on Friday the 'Ghost of ISON' looked to brighten significantly, prompting hope that there was a comet of some type remaining. Perhaps we would so something in our morning skies after all?
Today though, things have changed again. Have a look at this SOHO image below.

That remnant at the top of the image is fading rapidly. It will soon move out of the field of view of the SOHO telescope, in all likelihood we will not see it again. However, given everything that has happened with this comet to date, who knows.

For a more comprehensive round up of the story to date check out Stuart's latest report at Waiting for ISON. Phil Plait also has a nice round up of the last few days at Bad Astronomy. There are also loads of great videos and animations at the Planetary Society ISON Live Blog.

Don't forget that Comet Lovejoy is still there and visible below the Plough in the morning sky.

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