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Sunday, March 10

Hunting for Comet Panstarrs

With the clear forecast for this evening I'm going to have a go at finding Comet Panstarrs at sunset.

Sunset for Cockermouth is approximately 6pm tonight so start looking from 5.30pm to 7pm.

The comet will be to the left of Mars low on the western horizon, which is in turn left of the sun.

Remember:  NEVER use any optical aids if the sun is still above the horizon!!!!


  1. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Anyone seen it yet? I looked again this evening (13 March) with no luck.


  2. Didn't see it last night. Looks far too cloudy tonight.


  3. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Got it! Saw it this evening (28 March) just after 8pm. Quite close to M31 and just a bit brighter. A classic comet, with a fairly well defined nucleus and fan tail, pointing upwards away from the horizon. I found it with the help of the chart here: http://www.astronomy.com/panstarrs

    Well worth looking for if the next few nights are clear.