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Monday, January 7

The Moore Winter Marathon - your tribute to Sir Patrick?

If you watched last night's Sky at Night you will have seen the reference to Patrick Moore's 'Moore Winter Marathon'. This is a collection of 50 objects selected by Sir Patrick and well placed for viewing in the night sky (from the northern hemisphere) through to the end of January. I've mentioned it previously at CAS meetings.

As Sir Patrick's last ever programme was dedicated to encouraging us all to get out and look up, perhaps a fitting tribute would be to complete the Moore Winter Marathon (MWM) this year.

That's what I decided to do, and I've started to record my experiences, along with some hints and tips on observing, on a new blog My Moore Marathon. It would be great if you follow me there, and if you want to take part, leave some feedback on your progress or ask questions.

Let us know how you get on at the next CAS meeting on 29th January.

P.S If you missed last night's Sky at Night it is repeated on Thursday, and is available in iPlayer. Don't forget Stargazing LIVE start tonight (Tuesday 8th Jan) on BBC2.

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