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Friday, January 4

Over on the right . . .

Firstly if you are reading this article on a feed reader (like Google Reader) or on an email the title will not make much sense to you. That's because it's about the new layout of the CAS website. So if you want to follow through the rest of the article, read it on the website here.

Right. Now we've got that sorted. The purpose of this short article is to highlight the stuff over there on the right hand side of the website. This is known technically as the 'sidebar', and has quite a lot going on.

Firstly there is a calendar of CAS events. You can interact with this to find future events, and click on specific events to find more details if they are available. This is the same information that you get on the CAS Programme page in a slightly different format.

Below the calendar is the Facebook section. If you don't use Facebook just ignore it. If you do, you can visit our Facebook page from here and 'Like' CAS. I'm not a great Facebook user myself, but I think that will allow you to see updates from CAS on your news feed. I will try and post some links, photos and updates from CAS events here as much as possible.

Next is a section called LiveLinks which is where I post a selection of links to topical news items etc. These are updated on a reasonably regular basis and sometimes provide links to items which are not posted on the main pages. So, it's worth checking these regularly.

Below these are links to some of the main astronomy blogs on the internet, if you don't already read these there are worth a look.

Further down the sidebar is more information about the CAS website including an index of the posts since the site was created in 2006, and a list of tags for artcles posted. Here you can subscribe to have the posts delivered to you by email, or search previous posts. You can also see a running total for the number of visitors to the blog.

Hopefully some of that information will be useful. If there is anything else you would like to see please let me know. You can do that by emailing me, or adding a comment to this post. You can comment on any post by clicking on the comments link below the post. It will usually say 'no comments' unless someone else has commented before you. Once you comment has been approved it will be posted on the site and be visible next to the post.


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