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Tuesday, January 1

New Year and a new look!

Welcome to 2013 which promises to be an interesting year for astronomy, and is already being dubbed "the year of the comets". Fingers crossed on that one, and of course more information soon.

As part of preparing for the new year I decided to give the website a bit of an update. We have had the society website running in it's current form since early 2006, that's seven years which is a pretty good run! During that time we have posted 557 articles, and had almost 13,000 visitors and 32,000 page views. That's impressive for a small society website, so hopefully people find it useful.

Over the seven years since we made the site, the computers people browse the internet with have changed considerably, although we now use smartphones and tablets, the desktop computers we use generally have larger screens with higher resolutions, that's allowed me to use a wider format and hopefully a better use of space. Anyway, I hope the new layout is a bit 'cleaner' and provides clear access to all our information.

The background image I've used hopefully summarises what the society is about. It was taken at a public observing event in Keswick which we held after a talk earlier in the evening by Dr Chris Lintott (of Sky at Night fame). For me it brings together the social aspects of astronomy, the beautiful Cumbrian mountains and lakes, and of course the thrill of catching a glimpse of the night sky through our ever present cloud cover!

As always you can let us know what you think either by sending an email to the usual address, or by adding a comment using the comment link at the end of each article.

All the best for 2013. Clear skies,

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