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Monday, January 14

Looking forward to Stargazing in Cockermouth

Our main involvement with BBC Stargazing LIVE this year is our 'Stargazing in Cockermouth' event on Saturday 19th January. 

So what's going to happen?

The event starts with an astronomy exhibition in the centre of Cockermouth at the United Reformed Church. Doors will be open from 1pm until about 5.30pm. We will have a range of exhibits with CAS members on hand to answer your questions as well as a number of hands on activities designed for younger visitors. Everyone is welcome.

If you are looking for advice on getting the best out of your own telescope, why not bring it along?

Here's some examples of what went on at last year's event.

Astro imaging display and advice from experienced astrophotographers.
A variety of telescopes on display 

Hands on activities for the younger visitors.

Information on the main astronomical events to look for,
Hands on demonstrations of key astronomy concepts.
The opportunity to get help and advice with your own telescope.
Once the afternoon session is over, and as darkness falls we move to Memorial Gardens (also in Cockermouth) for some hands on observing. From about 7.30pm society members will be on hand with their telescopes to show you some of the wonders of the night sky.

Well placed for viewing on Saturday will be the moon, Jupiter and it's moons as well as several star clusters, galaxies and other 'deep sky' objects.

If you are intending to come to the evening session remember to wrap up warm, and bring your own telescope or binoculars if you want.

The is no charge for admission any of the events, although there is no free parking available at the venues so you may need to pay for parking. Refreshments will be available during the afternoon for a small charge.

P.S. You can get directions to the event locations on this Google map or below.

View Stargazing in Cockermouth Locations in a larger map

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