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Tuesday, November 20

November 2012 meeting

This month's meeting is on Tuesday 27th November at 7.30pm.

Chris and I will be doing the news and talk based around some historical aspects of astronomy.

I'll be basing my talk on a recent visit to Milan where I went to the Brera Observatory.

INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera - immagine con il logo dell'OAB

This is the last meeting scheduled for 2012 as there will be no meeting in December.  So if you have any observing questions or equipment issues that you need assistance with prior to the xmas break then come armed with your questions on Tuesday.


Saturday, November 17

Leonids meteor shower this weekend

Don't forget that this weekend is the peak of the Leonids meteor shower. That means there is an increased chance of seeing meteors, assuming there is clear skies of course.

To see meteors all you need to do is go outside when it's dark and look up. The shower is best seen after midnight when the Earth is heading towards the trail of dust in space left behind by a comet. In the case of the Leonids the radiant, the point in space the meteors appear to be coming from, is in true constellation if Leo, hence the name.

So if it is clear this weekend go out and look for meteors and report back at our November meeting.


Thursday, November 8

October 2012 Meeting Report

Our October equipment meeting was a relatively quiet one, perhaps reflecting the fact that it was half term. With just a few instruments around for people to look at the meeting was unusual in the fact that we actually got to do some observing!

Yes, almost unheard of for a CAS meeting, but despite the high cloud we did manage to get views of the almost full moon and Jupiter close by. Starting off by observing through a small refractor and reflector through the hall windows, we moved as far at the Church Hall steps to get some nice views of the moon through binoculars and the reflector. Not the most impressive observing event ever, but a reminder that it is always worth looking up!

Our next meeting is planned for 27th November and will be our last formal meeting of 2012. Hope to see your there.


Thursday, November 1

Circles around the moon and sun

A few members at our October meeting reported seeing a halo around the moon a couple of days earlier. We briefly discussed the phenomena and the reasons behind it, concluding it was something to do with ice crystals in the atmosphere.

Yesterday some more spectacular images were taken in the USA of a wide variety of optical 'features' around the sun. The link below explains the phenomena in more detail with the spectacular images.

Look! Up in the sky! It’s…it’s… it’s an amazing optics display | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine: