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Tuesday, June 5

Venus transit update . . new observing site

Thanks to Robin who has posted a comment giving perhaps a more suitable place to view the transit if the weather permits. That's at a small carpark above Caldbeck.

The location is shown in the map embedded below.

View Caldbeck Observing Site in a larger map

This looks like it will be an easier site to get to early in the morning, without involving a climb up a mountain. The sun should rise more or less along the road to the north-west as shown in the solar calculator map below.

Robin's website has some pictures taken of a partial solar eclipse taken from the same site back in 2003.

So all things being well I'll head up there about 4.30 in the morning.

Now just fingers crossed for the weather. If I remember I'll post something in the morning letting people know if the weather is too bad to even bother!

Good luck, and thanks for the tip Robin,


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