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Sunday, March 4

Did you see the meteor?

Last night 3rd March there were lots of sightings of a pretty big meteor, known as a fireball, seen from northern England and southern Scotland. The event has made the news and caused a lot of people seeing it to call the police who were said to have been inundated.

So if you saw something very bright moving across the sky at about 9.40pm last night that's probably what you were looking at. Universe today has a good report with a nice picture and a couple of videos.

If you did see this why not let us know in the comments?


1 comment:

  1. Jeff - Drumburgh9:59 am

    My wife saw the meteor first(said it was a "satellite" through the window north facing window while we were watching TV about 21:40 We got up, opened the window, and was totally amazed as the the fireball crossed low from left to right approx north to south. It we watched it for approx. 20 seconds, a very bright ball of flame with white centre whith orange/ yellow flames into a tail with blue around the edges.No sound. Size was about the same as looking at your little finger nail at arms length, the tail was long Not enough time to get the camera out. Location Drumburgh