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Tuesday, January 17

Stargazing LIVE update

I hope everyone is enjoying the BBC Stargazing LIVE series on BBC2, over 4 million people watched the first programme last night. Judging by the number of people visiting this site  and the number of emails I've had quite a few people have been inspired by the programmes and are looking for further events to get involved with. There are plenty of events around Cumbria check out the BBC Things to Do website

We will be following up on many of the items covered in the TV series at our exhibition and talks on 28th January including more on; finding things in the night sky, choosing telescopes, photographing the night sky and getting hands on with the scale of the universe.

You will have seen plenty of examples of amazing astrophotographs on the TV series, just as impressive are the ones Jeremy has posted on this site including the fantastic Flaming Star nebula one below. Jeremy will be sharing more images and giving advice on how to start taking night sky images yourself.

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