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Wednesday, June 29

Integrated Flux Nebula and Van Den Bergh catalogue

For those of you who made it last night, I hope you enjoyed the talk on faint nebulae. Some links to the info on the internet follow:

Integrated Flux Nebula http://www.galaxyimages.com/UNP1.html

Van Deb Bergh catalogue http://tvdavisastropics.com/astroimages-1_00008e.htm


Tuesday, June 28

Future of space exploration lecture

If you are interested in the future of space exploration over the next 30 or 40 years there is a lecture on Wednesday evening which will be of interest.

It's organised by the Samuel Lindow Foundation and is being held at Westlakes Science and Technology Park near Whitehaven.

Full details are here


Sunday, June 26

June 2011 Meeting Tuesday 28th June

This Tuesday (28th June) is our June meeting and the last one before the summer break. We are meeting in the usual place at 7.30pm and following a brief news round up Jeremy will be giving us a talk on a rare category of nebulae.

After this meeting we will have a break during July and August and meet again on the last Tuesday in September.


Location:Cockermouth,United Kingdom

Tuesday, June 14

Lunar eclipse Wednesday 15th June

Don't forget that we can see a lunar eclipse tomorrow night. The moon will rise already in eclipse with mid eclipse being 2113h and the moon rising for us around 2145h

So there is only about 15 mins of full eclipse remaining. The moons will then move into the penumbra for another hour or so. This part will be less noticeable as the moon will not be in as dark a shadow.

The best observing plan is just to find somewhere with a low eastern horizon and watch as the moon rises.


Saturday, June 11

May 2011 meeting report

The May meeting was our Annual General Meeting. Thanks to everyone who came along to take part and thanks particularly to those who volunteered to join the committee for the coming year.

Before the meeting Robin took the opportunity provided by some clear skies and sunshine to show us the sun through a couple of solar telescopes. Thanks Robin.

After the formal AGM business was complete I gave a talk on "Particle physics for astronomy" looking at the links between the very large ( cosmology) and the very small (particle physics).

Next month is our last meeting before the summer break.