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Wednesday, February 23

February 2011 meeting report

Last night was a February meeting which was well attended and a useful session.

Many thanks to Dennis who gave a short introduction to web-cam imaging showing us some moon images he had recently captured as well as demonstrating the Registax software use to process webcam movie files into still images. The cameras Dennis referred to and details of how to get hold of them were discussed by Robin in this previous post.

I mentioned the Globe at Night project which everyone can get involved with (assuming we get some clear nights!). I had left the details at home but you can find out all you need to know at the project's website. It's easy to get involved so have a go.

Our question and answer session went well with quite a few questions around observing and equipment. We will definitely try to do more of that. Our discussion inspired Paul to do a bit of follow up research and he posted the following comment. . .

"Very interesting meeting tonighht.
A bit of googling turned up transient lunar phenomena, which nasa is taking a great deal of interest in

and auoral sounds

this guy even records them allbeit with a special antena


Monday, February 21

February Meeting


the next meeting will be held on Tuesday 22nd February at 7.30pm in the usual venue.

The agenda is likely to include a Q&A session for beginners, a demonstration of imaging the moon by one of our members and some recent spaceflight news.

See you all there.