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Tuesday, January 18

Stargazing LIVE in Cockermouth - Report

As expected, the weather prevented us doing any actual observing at our event on Saturday night. The clouds and rain were well set in all day so there never was any real prospect of setting telescopes up in Memorial Gardens.

Efforts were focussed in St Joseph's church hall, and it was great to see so many people turn out despite the awful weather.Even before 7.30pm people were arriving and there was plenty for them to see. Displays of astrophotography greeted people as the arrived along with some impressive telescope set ups.

Computer simulations of the night sky and solar system proved very popular, especially with our younger visitors! People were particularly impressed when we pointed out that both software packages were free downloads.

Lots more people were interested in astronomical equipment and were able to get some advice on buying telescopes, and setting up the ones they already had. Jeremy's photography displays were popular  with visitors who wanted to know how they could get started taking photographs of the night sky.

Many thanks to all the CAS members, and families, who turned out to help with displays, talk to visitors, make refreshments and clear away afterwards. The event was a great success (weather apart) and judging by the website statistics, a lot more people know about CAS now.

If you were one of our visitors it would be great to see you at our routine meetings (the next one is 25th January, 7.30pm in the same location). We will also be trying again to beat the clouds and actually see something through a telescope at some point in the future. So keep an eye on this blog (or subscribe to the email service via the side bar).


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