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Wednesday, October 27

Webcam Imaging and Spectroscopy

Here are more details about the webcam imaging kit and the Star Analyser diffraction grating I demonstrated during the meeting on Tuesday

You can buy the cheap webcam, adapter and IR blocking filter here but be quick, they may run out. Note that the webcam will work with windows XP with the recommended driver but you will need to modify the camera firmware to make it run on Vista or 7 (contact me if you need help)

The Star Analyser diffraction grating can be bought here Contact me for an £8 rebate (fully paid up CAS members only)


1 comment:

  1. Anonymous8:49 pm

    just ordered the webcam, IR filter from robins link and got an adapter from this chap http://billetparts.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=124&osCsid=1f09103d508f691354e349a92aaff519
    its made of metal and cheaper than others available.
    if your good with electronics the webcam can be turned into a deep sky long exposure camera, details here http://home.zonnet.nl/m.m.j.meijer/D_I_Y/spc900nc.htm

    i'll fetch in my first attempts next month