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Tuesday, October 5

September Meeting Report

Confusingly our September meeting was held on Saturday 2nd October. The meeting was a great success thanks to Robin Leadbeater stepping in to do an excellent talk on "a week in the life of an amateur astronomer". Not a typical week by any means, but a great insight into the work an amateur can do to help out with real professional science.

We also discussed and number of items under our news section including Comet 103P/Hartley which is currently visible in the sky. Jeremy Robin  (thanks for correcting me Robin) has posted an excellent photo here and we look forward to more of his images. If you want to find the comet your self there are finder chart on Stuart's Cumbrian Sky blog and the Sky and Telescope website. Let us know how you get on at our next meeting which is at the usual time and place on Tuesday 26th October.

That session will be our annual equipment night. This is an ideal time for those who have telescopes and are looking for some additional help and advice on getting the best out of them, or those thinking of buying a telescope. If you want some advice then bring you 'scope along and there will be plenty of advice on hand.


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  1. I wish that image of comet Hartley was mine! It was actually taken by Jeremy of course.