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Saturday, July 10

The Solar System needs your help . . .

Last year Kendal's Eddington Astronomical Society held a really successful scale model solar system event at Kendal Castle. I went along to help out and it was a really good day. See the video below. .

They are repeating the event this year, in the town centre this time. The aim is to bring the event to even more members of the public. The event takes place on 14th August.

To do this Stuart and EAS could really use your help. They need as people as possible to turn up for as long as you can spare to 'man a planet' as it were. You don't need to be an expert and will be given all the information and equipment you need. The idea is just to have people on hand to talk to the public, answer questions or simply point them in the right direction for more information.

If you think you could help out please get in touch with either myself or Stuart and offer your services. If you can't help then please encourage friends, family and colleagues to go along learn something.

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