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Wednesday, April 28

April Meeting Report

We had a great meeting last night, with lots of visitors in attendance for the first time.

Following some space news updates, Robin gave us a fascinating description of the work he is doing on Epsilon Aurigae. Truly ground-breaking on an international level.

The main feature for the evening was our guest speaker Stuart Atkinson from the Eddington (Kendal) Astronomy Society. Everyone gave rapt attention to Stuart's presentation entitled "A Tourist's Guide To The Universe" as he presented a plethora of images and illustrations of the wonders in our solar system and the wider universe. Truly excellent and one that I'm sure will stick in the minds of our young visitors for some time.

Next month we have a talk by Chris Darwin on the topic of Stellar Evolution.

Don't forget some of the links mentioned yesterday:
  • NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory (sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov)
  • Hubble Space Telescope (hubblesite.org)
  • Mars (marsrover.nasa.gov)
  • Robin's astronomy site (threehillsobservatory.co.uk)

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