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Saturday, September 26

Heart Nebula - NGC1805

I finally managed to have a quick go at processing last week's latest image, NGC 1805 or the Heart Nebula.

The image needs a lot of work, but here's a quick preview. Close up the image is full of noise, but reduced in size it's not too bad.

William Optics ZS80 with 0.8x reducer
Canon 300D modified
23 x 5 minute exposures @ ISO800


  1. Great picture Jeremy. Thanks for bringing a selection along to the meeting on Tuesday. Certainly looks like the camera upgrade was worth it.

  2. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Thanks Chris. Yep, the conversion was well worth the money. Of course I don't suppose it'll stop me pining for the next dedicated astro-CCD...

    I think I've finally learned patience as well. One object per night - at least 2 hours exposure per nebula is the key to a deep picture.