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Saturday, September 26

Heart Nebula - NGC1805

I finally managed to have a quick go at processing last week's latest image, NGC 1805 or the Heart Nebula.

The image needs a lot of work, but here's a quick preview. Close up the image is full of noise, but reduced in size it's not too bad.

William Optics ZS80 with 0.8x reducer
Canon 300D modified
23 x 5 minute exposures @ ISO800

Thursday, September 24

September CAS meeting

A brief reminder that the September meeting will be held on Tuesday 29th September 2009 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.

Topics for the evening include:

  • Summer Space News Update
  • Saturn's Equinox
  • International Astronomy at a Danish Star Party
  • Local Members Observing Updates - Robin & Jeremy

Please encourage friends to attend.


Monday, September 21

NGC281 - PacMan Nebula

My latest offering is a combination of 22 x 5 minute exposures at ISO800 with the modified Canon300D.

William Optics ZS80 with 0.8x field flattener (EFL 484mm f/5.5)
Canon 300d modified
EQ6 autoguided
22 x 5 mins @ ISO800

Tuesday, September 1

Venus and the Beehive

If you happen to be awake before dawn on Tuesday morning...then grab your binoculars and have a look SE at Venus, shining brightly 1 degree south of the Beehive Cluster (M44).

A perfect photo-opportunity (if it's clear...which the forecast says it should be).