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Wednesday, August 26

IC 1848 (Soul Nebula)

My latest offering from Monday night this week is an image of the Soul Nebula, or more accurately IC1848. This is a beautiful open cluster with nebulosity to the east of the double cluster in Perseus.

Many images include the Heart Nebula which is a couple of degrees to the west of the Soul. I'll try and catch that one in my next imaging session and make a composite image of the two.

Unfortunately, I failed one of the 5 F's (framing the shot) by cutting the head off the Soul...

William Optics ZS80 with 0.8x Field Flattener (436mm f/5.5)
Canon 300D Baader Modified
14 x 5minute exposures @ ISO800
Darks, Flats & Bias with Sigma Clip Median Stack in ImagesPlus


August CAS meeting / Chris Lintott @ Kendal


Given that it's still summer holidays time, we're not going to have an August CAS meeting. So the next scheduled CAS meeting will be September 29th.

If you are thirsting for a summer astronomical top up then a visit to Kendal Eddington Astronomical Society on Friday 5th September could be the tonic you need.
Chris Lintott is coming to speak about Galaxy Zoo. Tickets are £3 each. If you're interested then contact Stuart Atkinson (STUARTATK@aol.com). I suggest given the short time between now and the event everyone contacts Stuart directly to ensure they get a ticket.

There may be scope to car share so if you're interested then get in touch with me by Thursday and I'll try and coordinate (j.g.hunt@btinternet.com).


Thursday, August 13

Mars HIRISE images

Check out the HIRISE website (http://hirise.lpl.arizona.edu/) some stunning new pictures of Mars including the following offering.

Victoria Crater imaged by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter