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Tuesday, July 21

Gamma-Cygni with modified Canon 300D

Finally, I succumbed to the temptation to have my Canon 300D modified...nervously I despatched it (insured) to Andy Ellis at Astronomiser and within 2 days I had the camera back in hand.

The speed of the service is second to none and Andy was good at letting me know when he received the camera and sent it back.

I was a little nervous about having the filter removed from the CMOS sensor, even though it was being done professionally. Rather than just having the filter removed I had it replaced with a Baader filter that cuts IR, but allows the H-alpha, H-beta and O-III through at 95% pass.

The resuts are spectacular...

Gamma-Cgyni with surrounding nebulosity
7 x 5 mins @ ISO400
Very poor seeing, with cloud often interrupting
William Optics ZS80ii, Modified Canon300D

The sensitivity of the camera is now fantastic. Can't wait for a decent clear night instead of one dodging the clouds!


1 comment:

  1. He-he. I knew you would not resist much longer. Lots of nice H alpha red there!

    Anyone spotted the impact on Jupiter?