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Friday, June 12

M17 on a summer's eve

Fighting the mid-summer twilight and a waning moon, M17 emerged from the southern horizon last night through a short series of 4 x 5 minute exposures at ISO800.
A sequence of 10xflatfield, 10xbias and 5xdarkframes helped to minimise image noise, coupled with an Astronomik CLS deep-sky filter to lift the nebula from the light sky background.

Williams Optics ZS80ii, Canon 300D
EQ6 autoguided, 4 x 5 mins @ Iso800

Thursday, June 4

Interesting prediction of Nova

I stumbled across this on Sky & Telescope.com...


Perhaps we'll see a Nova whilst Scorpius is up in the southern summer sky.


Monday, June 1

M20 Triffid Nebula

Very low on the horizon at around 1.30am, the constellation Sagittarius is rising and revealing its intra-galactic gems such as the Triffid Nebula (M20).

William Optics ZS80II, Canon 300D
7 x 3 mins @ ISO800 (unguided)

M13 Globular Cluster

The gorgeous M13 globular cluster located in Hercules is easily visible to the naked eye at magnitude 5.8.

The cluster is also a nice target for beginners in astro-photography. At an apparent size of 23 arcminutes it shows up well even in large format cameras.

The following image was taken this weekend, despite a moonlit summer night with poor darkness.

William Optics ZS80II, Canon 300D
5 x 5 mins @ ISO400