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Saturday, May 30

A successful CAS publicity event

Thanks to everyone who came along today to support CAS and spread the word about the society and astronomy in general. We managed to put on an impressive display in the church hall with plenty of pictures from previous society events, members images and information on the latest space missions.

Things got off to a slow start, with the good weather and a couple of football cup finals working against us, and keeping people away.

However, things started picking up after a while and literally hotted up once Robin and Peter arrived with telecsopes to allow people to look at the sun. We then switched to 'sidewalk astronomy' encouraging everyone walking past to stop and have a look. A much more succesful strategy as the pictures below illustrate . . .

It was really clear that many people just walking down the street were interested in astronomy and fascinated to see the sun through Robin's hydrogen alpha solar scope. That proved a real hit as we were lucky enough to have a solar flare several times the size of the Earth visible on the edge of the solar disc.

So we answered many varied questions on astronomy, space and sometimes vaguely related subjects, and people went on their way hopefully a little better informed. Perhaps we'll see some of those people again at CAS meetings.

So thanks again to all CAS Members who turned out to help and to everyone who spend a little of their sunny Saturday stopping to take an interest.

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