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Wednesday, December 10

Orion Nebula

A winter favourite of mine and many astrophotographers...the Great Orion Nebula M42 & M43

William Optics ED80II, Canon 300D
6 x 2mins @ISO400 + 6 x 2 mins @ ISO1600
Combined with Images Plus

Saturday, December 6

Moon, Venus & Jupiter conjunction

Like Robin I was blessed with a clear sky (although it was blocked by a tree to the south of my observatory prior to and just after the occultation!)

Moon & Venus
Canon 300D, William Optics ED80II @ prime focus (cropped)

Moon, Venus & Jupiter (plus 2 moons)
Canon 300D, William Optics ED80II @ prime focus


Friday, December 5

Venus Occultation - The Movie

Well the weather co-operated for a change and the whole event was visible, only slightly marred by a few whispy clouds. I hope some of you managed to see it too.

I took some shots of disappearance and reappearance using a Digital SLR camera with a 300mm lens on a fixed tripod. some of these have been combined into short video showing Venus re-emerging from behind the Moon (greatly speeded up, the actual length of this sequence was about 5 minutes)

You can see more pictures taken before and after on my website here