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Friday, October 10

What's going on with CAS News?

OK. You'll probably see some strange things happening on CAS News over the next few days, let me explain. . . .

Basically I've switched the CAS Website address (www.cockermouthastronomy.co.uk) over to point at the former CAS News blog (www.casnews1.blogspot.com). That means the blog is now *the* CAS website. So why have I done that and what are the implications ?

Firstly, Why? Well you probably noticed that I haven't had much time to update anything recently. The CAS website hasn't been touched for ages and much of the information on meetings and membership was out of date. As only I have access to update the website, and only from one desktop computer that makes things more difficult. On the other hand the blog can be updated by other from anywhere with web access. So everyone coming to the same place means more likelihood of things being up to date. Also you all get the opportunity to comment on the blog, so can play your part. A second advantage of the blog approach is cost, it should be much cheaper to maintain as we use the services of 'blogger'.

So what are the implications of this move ?
  1. There may be an impact on email subscriptions. If you get CAS News via email then I haven't worked out whether it will still work or not. I may need to do some adjustments behind the scenes to get things back on track.
  2. If you have the former CAS website bookmarked you may still get to the old homepage at http://www.cockermouthastronomy.co.uk/index. If you do you'll need to type www.cockermouthastronomy.co.uk into your address bar (or follow this link) then bookmark that to replace the old bookmark.
  3. As I'm moving some of the old reference data from the old site to this one, you may get email updates of 'old stuff' you don't need. Just bear with me, that should only happen a few times before we are back on track.
  4. I could have broken everything ! Things seem to be working on my PC but if you are experiencing any difficulties please let me know on chris@cockermouthastronomy.co.uk (or cas@darwin.otherinbox.com if I've broken the email as well).
  5. If I've really, really broken it you probably will not be able to read this either !
At the moment I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

[UPDATE: I think I've redirected the feed so that the emails should work now. If you are not getting them let me know. I've noticed that the URL http://cockermouthastronomy.co.uk still links to the old site so if you omit the "www." part you can still get all the old site at the moment.]

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