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Saturday, May 24

May meeting and AGM

Tuesday 27th is our May meeting and Annual General Meeting. Unfortunately I won't be there as I need to be in London with work, but the meeting is going ahead and we need to elect out committee for next year. We really need some additional help now, as it looks like I will be more tied up with work over the coming year and can't get guarantee to get to every meeting, although I'm happy to continue with a committee role. That's dropped Robin in it a bit, so we need some help.

As I've said on many occasions before, that does not mean you need to stand up in front everyone and give talks. But there are lots of other things we need to keep the society going and improving. For example;
  • Could you store some equipment and manage the CAS library ?
  • Could you take an active role in posting news stories on the blog and website?
  • Could you look after the society bank accounts ?
  • Could you organise observing evenings once a month in the winter months and let people know when and where they are?
  • Could you organise a society trip to a place or event of astronomical interest?
  • Could you write a monthly 'report' for the Cockermouth Post?
  • Could you look after the membership list, issue membership cards and collect subs?
  • Could you contact and arrange some guest speakers ?
Hopefully you can answer 'yes' to at least one of those questions. If so we need your help !

Anyway, that's enough of the sales pitch. Make sure you get along to the AGM. Hopefully by then we should have some news from this weekend's big event (no . . . not the Eurovision Song Contest), the Mars Phoenix landing. In the meantime check out Stuart's blog where he is definitely looking forward to the landing.

Fingers crossed for Phoenix . .

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