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Saturday, May 10

Clear nights

With the recent spell of clear weather it's been nice to see some of the summer milky way. Sky transparency was particularly good on Tuesday night between 1 and 3am, with clarity right down to the southern horizon.

Several unusual events that night were a very bright Iridium flare at around 2.15am, some very bright meteors with long ionisation trails and something (which I didn't actually see as I was fiddling with my camera at the time) that lit up my whole observatory with a reddish glow! No idea what that was.

Attached is a picture of M20, Triffid Nebula, taken through my EOS300D at prime focus of 6" f/5 refractor. The exposure is a combination of 11 x 2 minute exposures (unguided) combined with ImagesPlus and processed in Photoshop and NeatImage. This was literally just above the hedge line, so I was surprised that it came out as clear as it has.


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