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Friday, February 29

CAS Update 29th February 2008

I guess you don't often get to post a blog entry on 29th February, and I suspect many of us didn't even know what a blog was on the last 29th February. Perhaps unsurprisingly then there has been quite a few "leap day" related posts around the web this week. Check out this post from the bad Astronomer on "why we have leap days" or this one on Cosmic Variance. Orbiting Frog even goes as far as to suggest 29th February should be a national holiday.

Space and Astronomy News

Something you can get involved with this week (weather permitting) is helping to map light pollution through the GLOBE at Night 2008 campaign. Basically be counting the number of stars you can see with the naked eye in the constellation Orion. Full details on the GLOBE Website. Find a larger version of the fantastic(ly depressing) image at Astronomy Picture of the Day.

I previously reported on UK astronomy's loss of access to the Gemini telescopes due to lack of government funding. It now looks like common sense has prevailed and full membership of the project has been reinstated. Good News.

Universe Today reports that Pluto's 'new' moons Nix and Hydra may be adopted.

Society News

Tuesday this week was our February meeting. As I wasn't there I can't provide an update but I'm sure everything went just fine. . .

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