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Saturday, January 12

CAS Update 13th January 2008

Astronomy News

This week is the 211th meeting of the American Astronomical Society meeting in Austin Texas, and that means there's quite a bit of astronomical news items around this week Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy has been giving regular updates as part of the Astronomy Cast team.

Among other things Phil interviewed Chris Lintott from BBC's Sky at Night about the results of the Galaxy Zoo project. Chris explains in this video how the team have explained the strange results from the project that appeared to indicate more galaxies spin anticlockwise than clockwise.

Remember that asteroid that might hit Mars on 30th January ? Well, it won't! Further observations have allowed the orbit to be refined and now the chance of an impact with Mars is estimated at less than 1 in 10,000. Oh well . . .

Cassini has being continuing to map Titan with its radar imaging equipment, the last pass of Titan was on 20th December, Space Spin has the latest images which show strong evidence of flowing liquids.

More news from AAS this week was the announcement that the Hubble Space Telescope has found this double Einstein ring. Full story at Bad Astronomy.

The Shuttle mission has been delayed again, and no won't launch until February.

NASA's Messenger probe will fly by Mercury tomorrow (14th January). Staurt has the latest images over at Cumbrian Sky as does the Planetary Society Blog.

Just posted at Tom's Astronomy Blog is this fantastic new image of Saturn's moon Epimetheus.

For the best of space and astronomy blogs this week check out the Carnival of Space.

Observing News

Mars is well placed for observing at the moment, you'll find it midway on an imaginary line between The Pleiades cluster and Castor and Pollux in Gemini.

Society News

Next meeting is on 29th January. See you there.


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