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Monday, November 19

November Meeting Cancelled

Unfortunately we have had to cancel our November meeting as I am unavailable and our other planned speakers are also unavailable due to other personal commitments. I know this is a disappointment, but given that the society relies on a small number of volunteers all of whom have other commitments there is always a risk this will happen.

Our routine meetings will start again on January, and we will be seeking to get things on a more stable footing. So please consider whether you could help the society in some way. You don't need to be able to stand up and give talks there are plenty of other ways you could help.

We still aim to have a December social evening, just an informal get together down a local pub. I'll post something soon so watch this space. I'll look forward to seeing some of you then.


Thursday, November 8

Comet Holmes pics at last

I finally managed a good view of the comet tonight and wow what a comet! I've never seen such a beautiful glowing comet "snowball".

Three pictures attached taken tonight at about 10pm.

55mm canon telephoto showing Comet Holmes and Double Cluster in Perseus

200mm canon telephoto of Comet Holmes

750mm (6" f/5 refractor) and Canon 300D

Don't give up on comet Holmes yet

Our impromptu comet watch may have been clouded out on Tuesday but the comet is still there and clearly visible to the naked eye.

I've just been observing it from the back garden and it is an impressive sight in my 15x70 binoculars. The comet has definitely got bigger since I last saw it. It's still bright, but the brightness is spread over a larger area, hence it's more difficult to see even though it has the same magnitude.

Apparently the cloud of the debris around the comet is now around 70% the diameter of the sun!

Saturday, November 3

Comet Holmes Spotted At Last!

I have been waiting over a week for a break in the weather to spot this comet and finally I got a glimpse of it tonight through the haze and bonfire smoke. It certainly is big and bright, easily spotted naked eye as a fuzzy blob and rivals the full moon for size in the ubiquitous Lidl 10x50s.

I took a couple of quick snapshots of it with the Canon 350d plus 80-300mm zoom pigybacked on the main scope. We are seeing it almost end on as it speeds away from us so there is only the merest hint of a tail. Very different from its reported almost star like appearence a week ago.

This has to be one of the most remarkable unexpected astronomical events of the year. I am surprised more has not been made of it in the press.

There is a possible break in the weather Monday/Tuesday night so look out for it at that firework party and if anyone fancies an impromptu comet watch, I will be in the Memorial Garden Cockermouth Tuesday 6th from 8-9pm with a small wide field refractor, given clear skies. e-mail me if you plan to join me.