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Friday, August 10

See the shuttle from a different angle

I found this new photo application a couple of weeks ago and was impressed by it. However it wasn't really astronomy related.

Now it is . . .

I'm talking about Microsoft's demonstration technology called Photosynth, which allows a collection of related 2D images (simple digital camera images) to be mapped to a 3D model. This allows you to select different viewpoints of a scene as well as zoom in and out and up and down etc. It really rather impressive (on a broadband connection as least!). Anyway the latest examples are definitely worth checking out; the shuttle Endeavour on the launchpad and inside the Vehicle Assembly Building.

Anyway I think it's a pretty amazing concept, and I'm sure you could think of lots of practical uses for it. In the mean time just enjoy the tours.

If you want some more info on how this works check out this video and others like it on youtube.

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