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Friday, May 4

Yet another exoplanet discovered

The French space agency, CNES, has just announced that its Corot satellite which is designed to search for extra solar planets has made its first find. The planet is a 'hot jupiter' with about the same mass as Jupiter and orbiting its star in 1.5 days. Two other teams have also announced planets over the last couple of days bringing the total number of extrasolar planets known to 232.

If you want more details on the discovery of potentially 'earth-like' Gliese 581c you can listen to one of the planet's discoverers being interviewed on this week's Planetary radio.


1 comment:

  1. It looks like this one might be detectable by amateurs, along with the other two XO2-b (which was jointly discovered by amateurs)and HAT-P-2b That would bring to a round dozen the exoplanets detectable using amateur equipment