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Monday, May 21

Another Moon Occultation of Saturn

If you missed the the Moon passing in front of Saturn recently then there is another chance tomorrow (Tuesday) evening. It will be a little tougher this time as it takes place before the Sun has set. It should be visible in a telescope though and the Moon will make it relatively easy to find Saturn. According to Starry Night software, Saturn disappears behind the unlit edge at 20:00 BST and reappears on the sunlit edge at 21:08 as seen from here. The diagram shows the track to help you locate Saturn. Good luck and if you manage to photograph it, don't forget to bring the result along to the next meeting the following Tuesday.

1 comment:

  1. I hope some of you spotted it. The disappearence was hidden in cloud for me (Though Saturn was quite easy to spot in the eyepiece in broad daylight half an hour earlier) The skies cleared for the reappearence though and a tiny Saturn emerged from behind the Moons disc about a minute later than Starry Night predicted according to my watch