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Sunday, March 25

Now I've seen it all . . . .

You've probably seen those 'collection' magazines in newsagents, the ones where you collect a complete chess set, or the parts to build your own radio controlled car etc. Well browsing our local newsagent in Cockermouth the other day, I came across issue one of a magazine promising to allow you to build your own astronomical telescope.

Issue one of "Star Explorer" comes with a finder scope and telescope 'lens' cap and a 'free' moon map for the special price of £1.99. Future issues will provide all the other parts needed to make a 114mm newtonian reflector, at £5.99 per weekly magazine.

Now obviously I can't comment on the quality of the finished article, because I haven't seen it. Nor can I comment on the total cost, as I couldn't find any mention in the magazine, or on the publisher's website, of the total number of magazines in the 'collection'. I'll leave you to speculate.

I can repeat our standard advice to anyone thinking of starting out in astronomy and thinking of buying a telescope . . . don't! Buy a pair of binoculars instead. Binoculars are much easier to find you way around with, much more portable and cheaper. Many CAS members have got many hours of pleasure using a pair of 7x50 binoculars purchased for as little of £10 from stores like Lidl (keep an eye on CAS News for early warning of when the next offer is on). I wonder how much of your 'telescope collection' £10 will buy you?

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous6:51 pm

    I saw the advert last night and it says "functional after 25 issues", "complete after 50". So that's £295.50 for a telescope that looks like it's worth about £50...