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Wednesday, February 14

Mira heading for record brightness?

For much of the time, viewing Mira (Omicron Ceti) needs the help of telescope or binoculars so how come it has been given the honour of a proper name? Well the answer is seen every 11 months when Mira rises from obscurity to an easy naked eye magnitude 3 or occasionally, as is happening right now, to an unmissable magnitude 2.

Visible in the south west just after it gets dark, Maurice Gavin took this snapshot the other evening. Why not try the same and then put a note in the diary to do the same one evening in October.

See what Jim Kaler has to say about Mira and if you want to find out more about variable stars, the SPA , BAA and AAVSO all have information about variable star observing and how you can get started, or catch up with me at the next CAS meeting

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Thanks Robin for posting my piccy - that's fine and the current light curve there is amazing! I've issued a general email to my Society [Ewell AS] members for tonight - it's already sunny this afternoon and hopefully clearer by tonight in SW London. Also invited the BAAVS Director to issue a BAAEC re same.

    Good luck to your members.
    Maurice Gavin
    Ewell AS Janus Editor/Webmaster