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Monday, February 5

Meteor report?

I received this report from someone reporting a meteor sighting close to Cockermouth . .

"Has anyone in your society receive reports of a meteorite falling to ground on Saturday 3rd Feb 7 around 9pm south of Cockermouth?

I saw it quite clearly from my car, not more than a hundred metre or more distant and all the way down to ground but saw no impact, green flames on the fireball and sparks coming off the tail were clearly visible. The fall at an angle of 45 degrees and in a North flight towards my car lasted no more than two, perhaps three seconds."

Did anyone see anything on Saturday ?


  1. Distances can be notoriuosly difficult to judge. Fireballs can appear to be close and hit the ground but the actual path may have been many km or even hundreds of km distant and the object may have burned up in the atmosphere beyond the horizon. Do you have any more information as to the time and the direction the object was seen in? This can then be correlated with other reports and the path determined by triangulation.

  2. Checked on Society for Popular Astronomy forum and found this report (copied below) for a fireball seen from North Wales Saturday night which could be the same one. The same information for the event from Cockermouth would be needed to estimate its track.

    "View position: Ogwen Valley, North Wales, Mountain – Carnedd Dafydd @ approx 2500 ft asl

    Date: 3rd February 2007 approx 8.30 pm UT

    The event occurred to the south-south-west of my position and traveled downwards on a slight diagonal track to the west. I cannot accurately give the point of origin in degrees above the horizon (the ridges of the Glyder range) but I think it was no greater than 45 degrees. It then disappeared below that horizon.

    Speed on scale of 1 v slow to 5 v fast - 2/3

    Colour – very bright blue green

    Shape – my initial thought was it was a distress flare. A wide ball with a broad glare and apparent trail.

    Duration – 2/3 seconds "