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Sunday, February 4

Bradford Robotic Telescope

Most of you will probably have heard of the Bradford Robotic Telescope, sited in Tenerife, which allows armchair (well, keyboard anyway) photography of the night sky.

For those of you who haven't heard of it, go to http://www.telescope.org/index.php and check it out. It's free to register and you can submit your requests to photograph any object you choose using a variety of camera setups (wide-angle, galaxy-cam, etc.) The system is very simple to use and can produce very good results, although so far all of my images have been a bit below the standard I would expect from such good quality equipment.

Attached is a picture of M110, one of Andromeda's satellite galaxies. This was a 120-second exposure using RGB filters. The individual colour frames had drifted slightly so I aligned them manually in Photoshop and played about with the levels. The focussing was pretty poor as well, so I've reduced the image size and sharpened it a lot to "fill out" the stars - although this makes them rather bloated.

1 comment:

  1. You can see some of my test shots including some rather nice ones taken by my Modern Astronomy class last year here.


    This years class are awaiting their results but the weather is not good this time of year even in Teneriffe (Well at 8000 ft it isn't any way!)