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Monday, January 22

Clear sky tonight!

Wow, just look at that sky. I haven't seen as clear right to the horizon in a long time, come to think of it haven't seen any stars for a long time... ;-)

In case anyone is on their PC, unaware of the clear skies - get out!


  1. Yeah it's great to see stars again. But isn't it cold out there !

  2. Anonymous10:11 pm

    -5C apparently...I've got two fleeces and a waterproof on!

  3. The Modern Astronomy class took the opportunity to do an observing session on only the second week. (We had to wait until week 9 of the 10 week course for a clear sky last time!) We struggled a bit with the faint fuzzies with all the lights from the school though. If only it had been like this a week or so back for McNaught