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Thursday, January 4

CAS News Anniversary

It's now just over a year since we launched CAS News and to date we have over 200 articles posted and over 1000 visitors since I installed the counter at the bottom of the page. Also around 20 people are signed up with the email subscription service.

The blogger account that CAS News is hosted on has recently been upgraded. This has allowed me to change the layout more easily and add a few more 'features'. So perhaps a quick tour is in order?

Menu Bar

At the top of the blog, right under the title is a Menu Bar which gives quick access to the home page and several other useful links. For example linking the CAS Events link will pull up a page with only those posts which are related to CAS Events & Meetings without all the other news etc.

Green Sidebar

The green sidebar gives some useful information which is automatically updated, including;

Label Cloud

The label cloud shows a summary of all the CAS News posts in different categories, the larger the word the more posts in that category. You can click on a word to bring up just the posts related to that category (label).

CAS LiveLinks

LiveLinks are links to external websites or news items of interest. Links are added regularly and the older ones drop of the end of this list. Often I'll use the LiveLinks to point our a story or website that I don't have time to write a full blog entry about. So it's worth checking these regularly (they also appear on each page of www.cockermouthastronomy.co.uk).

Recent Comments

Recent comments is part of my ongoing (and largely unsuccessful it has to be said) campaign to get you all more involved in CAS News. If you have something to add, or a question about any post, you can add a comment by clicking the comments link under that post. The recent comments sidebar shows you a summary of all the recent comments people have left and links to the posts they were commenting on. As you can see you can comment anonymously if you want. Go on give it a go . . .

Blue Sidebar

Further down the page the blue sidebar has even more useful links to other blogs and articles and includes this summary archive of all 200+ CAS News entries. Just click on the little 'twisty' next to a month to expand all the entries in that month.

Further down there is an option to subscribe to CAS News via email. But remember there's so much more on the blog . . .

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