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Monday, December 18

An updated layout

If you look carefully you can spot the difference !

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, that I'd 'upgraded' the blog. At first you probably didn't notice the difference, but now I've made some more obvious changes. Firstly each post has one or more labels to identify it, you can click on a label to pull up all posts on that topic for example you can select all posts about CAS Meetings. You can also see a list of all labels in the sidebar and select from there. That might help you sort the wheat from the chaff, not that I consider my stuff chaff. . .

Also the archive of posts appears as an expandable list in the sidebar. This allows you to select posts by date as well as topic. Hopefully that will be more useful as we approach 200 posts in the blog.

As usual if you have any comments leave them against this post.

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