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Wednesday, December 20

Light Pollution - Christmas Star Count

Light pollution has been steadily on the increase everywhere and it has been particularly noticeable in Cumbria which traditionally had some of the darkest skies in England.

To raise awarenes of this problem and help protect this neglected part of our environment, the British Astronomical Association is organising a Christmas Star Count. Taking part is easy. Just count the number of stars you can see within the constellation of Orion one evening over the next few moonless nights (20-24th December) or if it is cloudy try again on 14-21st Jan 2007. Full details, including where to report your results are given on the BAA website. Why not report them here on CAS News in the comments too?

More information on light pollution and how to prevent it can be found on the BAA Campaign for Dark Skies and Campaign to Protect Rural England websites.


  1. Anonymous3:06 pm

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  2. I guess most of us missed the opportunity before Xmas. Hopefully the weather will be better for the January window.

  3. The next window coincides with our planned observing nights (well no coincidence really, we pick the moonless nights too!) It would be interesting to do a count from our dark site. And how about a widefield long exposure shot from our SLR imagers to show how many stars the camera sees in that area?