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Thursday, November 23

Grasmere Festival of Stars

Don't forget this Saturday 25th November is the Grasmere Festival of Stars observing event. We need your help in showing the night sky to members of the public who will be enjoying a public talk from Stuart in the early evening. The event will be held at the sports ground just outside Grasmere village. We really enjoyed the event last year, and found the observing site to be excellent.

If you can help by bringing a telescope along, please come along. We will be setting up from about 8.30pm. If you are intending to come could you let me know via email; chris@cockermouthastronomy.co.uk . I can also provide some more detailed directions if you need them.


  1. Anonymous9:24 pm


    I'll be coming (with my scope) as long as it isn't totally cloudy...but the forecast is not good!


  2. Me too hopefully, with my big Moonfish wide field "jam jar". From the forecast it looks like we might need lead boots though!


  3. Anonymous5:54 pm

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  4. Anonymous6:47 pm


    I was going to take my C11 down, so that would be cool with the moonfish...

    However, the forecast is awful!

    Chris - what will you do if it's rained off? Is there an alternative plan?