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Thursday, October 26

Spirit celebrates 1000 days on Mars

The Spirit rover has just completed an amazing 1000 days on Mars on 26th October. That's far more than the planned 3 month mission duration and an amazing achievement by the engineers and scientists involved in the mission.

Image Credit NASA: McMurdo Panorama (Click for larger version)

NASA has just released a new 360 degree panorama of the area around "Low Ridge" where Spirit has been spending the Martian winter. The image is the largest taken to date, as the press release puts it;

"The panorama was acquired using all 13 of the Pancam's color filters, using lossless compression for the red and blue stereo filters, and only modest levels of compression on the remaining filters. The overall panorama consists of 1,449 Pancam images and represents a raw data volume of nearly 500 megabytes. It is thus the largest, highest-fidelity view of Mars acquired from either rover"

It took the rover, and team 119 sols (martian days) to take all those images. Check out the press release and related links to download the full size (12 MB) version.

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