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Tuesday, October 31

October Meeting Report

A great meeting tonight. It was really good to see so many people bringing along their telescopes of all shapes and sizes. Certainly more than we've had before and so many I think we actually ran out of space in the hall!

Thanks to Phil for the photographs

After a news update and a quick summary of telescope basics, much of the evening was spent in huddled groups discussing telescopes and accessories, what and how to upgrade, how to take photographs of the night sky, and much more. I'm sure that was really useful to many people, probably more so than the talks.

Thanks again to everyone who brought a 'scope along, and a special thanks to Caroline again for sorting out the refreshments.

The next task for the Committee is putting together a really good programme for 2007. We'll be meeting soon to discuss that, and would really appreciate your suggested for things we should be doing as a society.

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