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Friday, October 6

MRO's view of Opportunity and Victoria

NASA's MRO team have just release these images of Victoria crater taken from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbit with the HiRise camera.

As well as being simply a fantastic image of Victoria crater, the camera has also captured the rover Opportunity perched on the end of the crater overlooking Duck Bay.

This really is amazing, getting new images from the rover and the orbiter within days of each other. If you look carefully your can even make out the rover tracks where it has approached the crater edge in one location, then moved further along.

As Mars is due to pass behind the Sun, as seen from Earth, very shortly we won't here much more from the rovers for a month or so. One radio communications are up to full speed again, we can expect more amazing images. Until then just look at this one.

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  1. Anonymous6:53 am

    Fantastic images! Thanks Chris.