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Friday, October 20

Comet M4 Swan and other images

Thanks to Robin's post last weekend, I managed to get a glimpse of Comet M4 Swan as it was winging it's way towards the north-east horizon.

The following image is a composite stack of 10 x 30second images at ISO1600 taken with 6" f/5 achromatic refractor and Canon 300D:

The tail was not visible with binoculars or through the 150mm refractor, but does start to show on this relatively short exposure. Pushing the image shows it up slightly more:

Some other images I was able to capture last weekend with the clear skies were...

M45 (Pleiades)

M27 (Dumbell Nebula)

Fingers crossed for the Orionids this weekend.


  1. Great pictures Jerry. Is comet Swan still visible? I had a look for it last night but couldn't find it, maybe looking in the wrong place.

  2. Anonymous4:38 pm


    it's still visible according to Heavens Above, but moving towards Hercules. I haven't had a chance to look since last weekend.

    I did see a nice Orionid this morning as I was getting in the car!


  3. Yes I looked in totally the wrong place! Too keen to try out my new 15x70 binoculars to check the map before I went out. A learning point there. I did get some fantastic deep sky views through the new binos. More on that at our October meeting.